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3 Tips

by Meera Gandhi


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3 Tips on Saving the Polluted Soil on Our Planet

3 Tips on Saving the Polluted Soil on Our Planet

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3 Tips on Making the Best of Today

3 Tips on Making the Best of Today

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3 Tips on Helping others

3 Tips on Helping others

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3 Tips on Understanding What Is A Healthy Conversation

3 Tips on Understanding What Is A Healthy Conversation

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About Meera Gandhi

Meera Teresa Gandhi is the daughter of an Irish mother and an Indian father. At the age of 16, she volunteered to teach at Ashadaan, a shelter for abandoned and differently-abled children run by Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity which proved to be the turning point in Meera’s life. 


Meera had the opportunity then to work and interact closely with Mother Teresa. This is when she truly understood the great joy in doing things that are beyond and outside of the self.


Meera has lived many roles in her life as a philanthropist, a mother, a businesswoman, a television show host, an author and spiritual yogi who believes that we are very much a part of the universal spirit and we all must live in the flow of the ether that guides and propels us through our life journey!


3 Tips Book

In 3 Tips: The Essentials for Peace, Joy and Success, what began as a television show and evolved into social media movement, global philanthropist and mental wellness crusader Meera breaks down her complex life learnings on 52 subjects into three easy to follow, utterly practical Tips that anyone can incorporate into their lives.


This book is not only an inspirational milestone of literature in self guidance and preserving spirituality while meeting modern demands, but it also gives an honest and motivating glimpse of the life of a cultural powerhouse who is dedicated to giving back and helping people of all ages follow their passions and find the courage to be themselves!


Get the App

The 3 Tips App by Meera Gandhi is a mindfulness and mental wellness platform that covers topics related to mental health and wellness and breaks down complex issues into three simple tips that anyone can pick up and implement into their own lives.

Anyone feeling lost or in need of guidance can easily dive into the many subjects covered and find themselves gently nudged into a direction that brings them a greater awareness and clarity of their present situation in the context of a greater spiritual perspective.

Download the app for the platform of your choice using the links below!

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“We are to the Universe only as much as we give back to it"

Meera Gandhi

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